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Car Shipping

  • International relocation of cars from Dubai

  • Loading, securing and lashing of cars in containers

  • Loading multiple units of cars in containers with optimum utilization of space with huge savings in sea freight and shipping costs

  • Expert handling and shipment of luxury cars

  • Expertise and ample experience in handling of ro/ro units

  • Insurance cover for shipment of cars 


Cars are shipped worldwide across continents and countries for business as well as part of personal relocations. Shipping cars safely and securely has always been a challenge. This can only be handled by professionals in the shipping industry who have long experience backed with appropriate infrastructure as well. Most cars are expensive and have to be handled delicately with care. Loading and lashing should be of high quality to avoid scratches and other damages.


We are in the business of shipping cars for 15+ years. Our warehouse and loading bays are second to none. We offer tailor made solutions and recommendations along with competitive pricing which would be most suitable to the customer. Our trained staff use quality material for lashing cars securely to prevent any movement en-route over land or sea. We have an excellent safety record with all cars shipped arriving safely at destinations without any reports of damage till date. To most people, a car is like their child and it needs to be cared as such.

"A car is not just a car. It is an emotion, dream, love and much more than this"

Treat it as such. Leave it to the professionals at Seascape Shipping to ship it safely whether it is for business or relocating.

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